Janelle Costello

The impulse of collecting has been present in me for as long as I could wander off alone.  The concept of art came much later. After pursuing a degree in Studio Art, I have since been self-taught in a range of folk craftwork practices.  As a multimedia artist with a deep adoration for the phenomena of the natural world, my designs are an impulsive response to found objects and are thus constantly evolving based on the distinctive characteristics of the original finding and the pursuit of new skills sets.  I make things from leftovers of a world already stuffed full of Things.  Living within me is an active, explorative craving to create, to cultivate awareness and creative growth in others, and to reduce wastefulness in any way.  These are gestures of respect for our Earth and the small patch of time we have to experience Her.  Through tactile practices of incorporating found objects and repurposed materials, I feel like part of both the past and the future. 

With formal training as a charcoal portrait artist and a BFA in Studio Art, I am available for commissions in a range of subject matter.  Please visit my portfolio through the link below and feel free to contact me with inquiries. 


Angel Fowler

lunar moth.jpg

My curiosity for our natural world developed at an early age, and that interest has manifested itself as an adult, which is why I chose a career as a biologist. I am very drawn to the environment and tend to seek out diversity in all aspects of life, particularly if it’s in a place I have never been before.  From eclectic landscapes to microscopic assemblages, the arrangement of our world is extremely intricate.  I continuously search nature in support of conservation and sustainable ways of living, and aim to help educate others on the importance of biodiversity. I value living a life in consideration of our earth and want to encourage others to not only reevaluate their material footprint, but to also enjoy the beauty in all features that surround us.

My favorite materials include a combination of remnants and eccentricities left by species what were once living, as well as inorganic constituents to produce groovy, yet practical pieces. Similar to my Earthwhile partner, I am inspired by discarded and residual objects that can be repurposed into functional creations. I am especially motivated by the ecological relics that can be found just from searching within our terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. 



Deli Neblett

I am in the Earthwhile Collective because my friends believe in my message. My imagination and creativity have coalesced into an intense belief in change. I believe in making a difference no matter how small or seemingly insignificant because I know the resounding impact that a small act of kindness can cause. Now, more than ever, it is important to try our hardest to leave a positive impression in a world that exploits people and rewards negativity. 

My main contributions to the Earthwhile Collective are my music and making seed bead jewelry. Seed bead art is a fairly new activity I picked up about a year ago and it has helped tremendously with my meditation practice. I like the idea of having these tiny beads in my hands creating something from nothing and taking my time to process how the end result will look and feel. I do a lot of thinking when I am working. Sometimes I like to think that each seed represents an individual and each individual contributes to the beautiful end result. I consciously and carefully pray for good in Our World. I like to think I am passing on these good thoughts to each person who wears my jewelry. 

I am also a multi-instrumentalist based in Nashville, TN. My music is, to borrow a powerful phrase, a surrealistic pillow or a soothing place for the physical weight of one’s head while supporting the stream of visions excited in the listener’s relaxed, unconscious mind.  

Vulnerability is truthfulness found within oneself; discovered on one’s own path.

Christina Crawford

Art and creation, for me, are ways of attempting to be understood, and to understand. It’s the method that I find myself feeling the least inhibited when conveying who I am to others, and to myself. Creative expression can be a way for us to navigate who we are, not just as individuals, but as a whole. It's a way to nudge ourselves into shaping our own answers in place of what’s being thrust upon us; a way to create ourselves, our reality, our world. 

I want to be a part of that creation, and I want to be a part of encouraging others to create, not destroy, and to utilize the gifts and abandoned treasures that are all around us.

I find inspiration in the most curious places, places I’m discouraged from going- in darkness, in solitude, in death, in the unknown. Here is where I learn to appreciate light, love, and life; and here is where I find myself comfortably nesting as my art and I evolve.

I received my BFA in 2013, and am a currently working artist, printmaker, and tattoo apprentice.

Bekah Cope

My mom always taught me to tell the truth and to use something until it didn't function, and once something ceased to function, to find a new and different way to use it. A common sense approach to good living, and an eye for finding a purpose, a meaning, for things in the day to day world that might not be obvious at first glance. I'm struck by nothing in particular - a moment in time, the petrified shell of a cicada, a clump of human hair, a pun, an old piece of fabric or textbook photo - and moved to create something out of nothing. Whether it's a salvaged dress, photograph, hand made button to pin on a friends jacket, each subject of mine has previously existed in the world and is being carefully re-purposed, sometimes handpicked and created, for its new partner and owner. I hope to make people happy through my art, to gently push them to find the humor or beauty in the mundane and grotesque, and smaller things in life and nature that are easy to pass by.  Each article of clothing I select, repurpose, or create is done with intention and thought, and has a person it belongs to.