help a handmade home / by Janelle Costello

Meet Marcus. 
He's building a home out of the leftovers of our consumption.
Marcus is one of the diligent folks who are going to save the world but, just like any of us, he needs our help doing it.  

Earthships use discarded materials like used ties and plastic bottles, solar/wind generated electricity, rainwater catchment and filtration, passive solar/thermal mass design, and contained natural sewage treatment to achieve a home that is entirely independent and free from monthly bills.  These structures are ingeniously designed to not only sustain in any climate, but even feed the family living alongside the plants within. 

With the help of friends, family, and believers volunteering several laborious hours over the past 4 years of permitting weather, the majority of construction has been completed.  In order to secure resources for the completion over the upcoming building season, Marcus needs help from all who recognize the importance of sustainably addressing the rapidly developing challenges on our infrastructure and compounded stress on this planet. 


Biotecture of Tennessee kickstarter is now live. Marcus Sisk is building the state's first Earthship, an off-the-grid home made of recycled materials that runs on sustainable systems. Global warming, shortages of affordable homes, rising energy costs - all these things are challenging our world today in ways we can feel. What we love about Marcus is he decided to take matters into his own hands and be a trailblazer. When this project is complete it will be the headquarters for alternative-living in Tennessee, if not the entire Southeast region. Please, if you want to see projects like this take off in this world, be on the ground floor and make a contribution to this Kickstarter."
                                                                                  -taken from the many social shares so far :)

Inner workings of a wall made of glass bottles and soda cans in place of bricks.

A wall made up of rammed-earth tires, and the colored jewels of light passing through bottle bricks.

REWARDS !! Here's the dope locally screen printed patches Marcus will be sending out in return for your 25$ pledge. REPRUHZENT!

For more information, visit his Kickstarter here and please consider helping in any way you can.  Don't forget to share with anyone else who may be interested in supporting this mission.