new developments !! / by Janelle Costello

We have really had our hands full lately. Between organizing our own maker's market event, being invited to join an awesome monthly night market, aaaaand experiencing a break-in at our wonderful home and now searching for a new place to build our sanctuary...our world has been turned upside down and is slowly becoming upright again. But enough about that! How about this new addition to our canopy ::

I didn't trim the blackberry vines for weeks, waiting for the perfect sunlight between the hours of 9 and 11 am.  But sometimes its impossible to get the perfect conditions you need, meanwhile blackberry vines are making their way into the kitchen door. Rainy day after rainy day passed, sunny opportunities passed, and finally I had to snap out of idealism and raced home for a break in the clouds. With Angel's helping hands, we gathered up foliage and flowers from around our gardens and arranged the cuttings into a circle on the chemistry-soaked linen. After several minutes in the sun and several washes in the bathtub, we now have a beautiful tapestry to hang in our canopy during sales and I’m so excited for everyone to see!! We also made some patches out of our test strips:) 

The best part of the tapestry is the preservation of the garden we have to leave behind very soon. Blackberry vines, hydrangeas, wisteria... Soon they will be a memory, but with this we will be able to take it with us wherever we go.  

Perhaps you have seen these posters around town, thanks to the help of Josh at Risology Club ((a great resource for all your risograph ideas)). The event is about a month away and we are really REALLY looking forward to this.  We aim to make the Artistry Fair & Skill Share a reoccurring opportunity for makers of all kinds to sell their creations and share their process and motivations with their community.  

I truly believe in the creative potential we all possess. I believe it to be an avenue toward balance and contribution as well as a sense of individuality. I believe there isn’t a single one of us who does not have the ability to tap into it if they devote the attention. Rather than keeping your work stuffed under your bed, join us in our mission to share, teach, create, encourage.  Rather than believing you cannot create a work of "art" ((whatever that means)) come visit some local makers and maybe walk away with some new ideas to take home and put into practice. Let's join forces and create our own community of makers and artists supporting artists.  

We have had the pleasure of being invited to join a new monthly market beginning this coming Friday 5 August.  The space is going to be incredible and we have big plans for some ::WORKSHOPS:: in the near future. So keep in touch!! 

Deli has been stringing up some lovely color combinations to dangle from your pretty ears and Angel is mixmatching bolos every night.  I've been working on planters and cyanotype surfaces and I'll also be selling an abundance of plants that are more than ready to make it into the dirt.

We look forward to seeing everyone Friday and making some new friends !!