a peek at process / by Janelle Costello

With all the projects we have our hands in, we have been giving particular attention to the garden. Deli is seen here germinating tasty melons to come, while Janelle is busy soldering sub-irrigated planters.  These planters begin as various types of discarded glass bottles that have been dug out of the trash and recycling bins.  they then undergo a succession of steps ((scoring, cutting, sanding, soldering, filing, planting..)) until finally becoming a new friend to one's windowsill.  These planters are made with a synthetic fiber string that wicks water from the bottom glass up to the plant as it gets thirsty, making them self-watering as long as their drinking glass is kept full.  Succulents make the best occupiers of this type of planter, perfect for the sometimes neglectful plant parent.   

These are not the only friends from Flora Friendtopia !! We've also been nurturing some blackberry bushes, cherry tomato babies, peppers of all sorts, calendula, lavender, and herbs like mint and lemon balm - all waiting to find new dirt to nestle into!! Janelle has been conducting rooting experiments with willow water ((time will tell)). Dont forget- just about ANYTHING can be used to germinate seedlings!! Food cans, egg shells/cartons, yogurt cups..the list goes on and on. Plastic salad containers (with lids) make great mini greenhouses. 

A new project Deli has been getting into has been homemade beeswax candles!  These begin as none other than the stinkiest of cat food tins!! Deli is the best at concocting essential oil blends and so far she has paired ylang ylang with lemon and cardamom with patchouli.  Quality ingredients is always one of the most important factors and therefore she uses only the 100% purest beeswax beads she can find. Each cat food tin is collaged with images from our all-time favorite magazine, National Geographic :)

One of our favorite things to make are accessories made from found objects and earth trinkets to adorn both girls and boys alike! earrings, tie tacks, and last but not least DREAMCATCHERS!! Angel has made great use of outdated bangles to create the dreamiest of dangles for the ultimate dreamer in your world ;))

A continuing endeavor of Janelle's is incorporating the endless abundance of plastic packaging into new useful objects.  With an affinity for folk crafts, she's learned to weave plastics into rugs and various basket forms. Although these are tedious, time consuming projects, its worth it. Each woven row of a basket becomes a reflection on our mission to do what we can to rethink our role as consumers and the materials produced in our throw-away culture.