help a handmade home by Janelle Costello

Meet Marcus. 
He's building a home out of the leftovers of our consumption.
Marcus is one of the diligent folks who are going to save the world but, just like any of us, he needs our help doing it.  

Earthships use discarded materials like used ties and plastic bottles, solar/wind generated electricity, rainwater catchment and filtration, passive solar/thermal mass design, and contained natural sewage treatment to achieve a home that is entirely independent and free from monthly bills.  These structures are ingeniously designed to not only sustain in any climate, but even feed the family living alongside the plants within. 

With the help of friends, family, and believers volunteering several laborious hours over the past 4 years of permitting weather, the majority of construction has been completed.  In order to secure resources for the completion over the upcoming building season, Marcus needs help from all who recognize the importance of sustainably addressing the rapidly developing challenges on our infrastructure and compounded stress on this planet. 


Biotecture of Tennessee kickstarter is now live. Marcus Sisk is building the state's first Earthship, an off-the-grid home made of recycled materials that runs on sustainable systems. Global warming, shortages of affordable homes, rising energy costs - all these things are challenging our world today in ways we can feel. What we love about Marcus is he decided to take matters into his own hands and be a trailblazer. When this project is complete it will be the headquarters for alternative-living in Tennessee, if not the entire Southeast region. Please, if you want to see projects like this take off in this world, be on the ground floor and make a contribution to this Kickstarter."
                                                                                  -taken from the many social shares so far :)

Inner workings of a wall made of glass bottles and soda cans in place of bricks.

A wall made up of rammed-earth tires, and the colored jewels of light passing through bottle bricks.

REWARDS !! Here's the dope locally screen printed patches Marcus will be sending out in return for your 25$ pledge. REPRUHZENT!

For more information, visit his Kickstarter here and please consider helping in any way you can.  Don't forget to share with anyone else who may be interested in supporting this mission. 

new developments !! by Janelle Costello

We have really had our hands full lately. Between organizing our own maker's market event, being invited to join an awesome monthly night market, aaaaand experiencing a break-in at our wonderful home and now searching for a new place to build our sanctuary...our world has been turned upside down and is slowly becoming upright again. But enough about that! How about this new addition to our canopy ::

I didn't trim the blackberry vines for weeks, waiting for the perfect sunlight between the hours of 9 and 11 am.  But sometimes its impossible to get the perfect conditions you need, meanwhile blackberry vines are making their way into the kitchen door. Rainy day after rainy day passed, sunny opportunities passed, and finally I had to snap out of idealism and raced home for a break in the clouds. With Angel's helping hands, we gathered up foliage and flowers from around our gardens and arranged the cuttings into a circle on the chemistry-soaked linen. After several minutes in the sun and several washes in the bathtub, we now have a beautiful tapestry to hang in our canopy during sales and I’m so excited for everyone to see!! We also made some patches out of our test strips:) 

The best part of the tapestry is the preservation of the garden we have to leave behind very soon. Blackberry vines, hydrangeas, wisteria... Soon they will be a memory, but with this we will be able to take it with us wherever we go.  

Perhaps you have seen these posters around town, thanks to the help of Josh at Risology Club ((a great resource for all your risograph ideas)). The event is about a month away and we are really REALLY looking forward to this.  We aim to make the Artistry Fair & Skill Share a reoccurring opportunity for makers of all kinds to sell their creations and share their process and motivations with their community.  

I truly believe in the creative potential we all possess. I believe it to be an avenue toward balance and contribution as well as a sense of individuality. I believe there isn’t a single one of us who does not have the ability to tap into it if they devote the attention. Rather than keeping your work stuffed under your bed, join us in our mission to share, teach, create, encourage.  Rather than believing you cannot create a work of "art" ((whatever that means)) come visit some local makers and maybe walk away with some new ideas to take home and put into practice. Let's join forces and create our own community of makers and artists supporting artists.  

We have had the pleasure of being invited to join a new monthly market beginning this coming Friday 5 August.  The space is going to be incredible and we have big plans for some ::WORKSHOPS:: in the near future. So keep in touch!! 

Deli has been stringing up some lovely color combinations to dangle from your pretty ears and Angel is mixmatching bolos every night.  I've been working on planters and cyanotype surfaces and I'll also be selling an abundance of plants that are more than ready to make it into the dirt.

We look forward to seeing everyone Friday and making some new friends !!


progress by Janelle Costello

With a line-up of weekend events one after the other, we've all been keeping busy both in the garden and at the work table. 

so much green!! we got them tomatillos, Cherry's babies, a variety of melons ((seen in a reused food package for germination)), sage, strawberries, sunberries! we got them radishes, pok choy, lambs quarters ((a wild edible you likely have in your own yard)), purple cabbages, and an abundance of blackberry bushes OH MY!! In the last image you can see some roots beginning to emerge from curly willow cuttings that will be available later in the season, along with the fruits of everything else here and more to come.


what you see here are just some the tedious steps taken to craft a quality treasure ;) angel and janelle have turned years of treasure hunting into one-of-a-kind ear studs ((some backed with non-reactive posts for sensitive ears)).  these studs can be mismatched for as many earholes as you can adorn with fossils and creek finds. deli rescues catfood tins from our recycling bin, collages them in the dreamiest National Geographic images of our world, melts down pure beeswax and adds her own concoctions of divine essential oils, to create A Beautiful Candle with double wicks to ensure even burning. janelle scavenges bits of broken mirror from the streets, which are then filed smooth, taped in copper, and soldered together to become pendants and planters.  deli has also been creating the sweetest little seed bead dangles in colors and textures only she can envision. in the end, we find ways to reuse old packaging into NEW packaging for our products. our latest addition to our collective is probably something most important for any group of enterprisin' young laydees :: BUSINESS CARDS!  Josh from Risology club was a huge help in formatting the design, printing them on the risograph, and cutting them down all in one night! just in time for all the events we have coming up! see our upcoming events post for more info. 

upcoming events for may2016 by Janelle Costello

We have a list of events planned for May and we hope to see you there! See our facebook page for details.

May6 :: Since When album release party w/ Shades of Reykjavik, Bobby Exodus and more...

The earthwhile crew joins forces with SINCE muthafukn WHEN? and others to celebrate the release of his album Jay El Ess !! the night will be held at the demon den - remember the demon den is a semi private space, so be mindful of who you bring along and be respectful of the home that is being opened up to us all. 

the ladies of earthwhile will be offering some of our recent wares, all hand-made from found objects and repurposed materials. 
Also joining us will be Marcus Sisk.

May 13 :: Pineapple Explode w/ Beat Bums, Sporadic E, Onri

Pineapple Explode

Beat Bums

Sporadic E
"Sporadic E or Es is a propagation mode via the ionosphere which can allow VHF signals (30-300 MHz) to propagate over long distances via a reflection from the E layer. Sporadic E is generally classified into three types by, Mid-latitude, Equatorial and Auroral. It's also our friend's musical project.


Projections by Norman Erikson
and handmade goods by Earthwhile Collective

May14 :: Book Fair w/ Risology Club @Queen Ave


FREE until 8 PM, $5 after to support bands:
DELI                              <-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<-<- our very own :))


May20 :: Gold Star Memorial Concert 2016

Every year 5th Special Forces Group brings back the families who lost loved ones in service to their country and rededicates the memorials in their honor. This concert is for them and the soldiers of Fort Campbell, KY and their families.

a peek at process by Janelle Costello

With all the projects we have our hands in, we have been giving particular attention to the garden. Deli is seen here germinating tasty melons to come, while Janelle is busy soldering sub-irrigated planters.  These planters begin as various types of discarded glass bottles that have been dug out of the trash and recycling bins.  they then undergo a succession of steps ((scoring, cutting, sanding, soldering, filing, planting..)) until finally becoming a new friend to one's windowsill.  These planters are made with a synthetic fiber string that wicks water from the bottom glass up to the plant as it gets thirsty, making them self-watering as long as their drinking glass is kept full.  Succulents make the best occupiers of this type of planter, perfect for the sometimes neglectful plant parent.   

These are not the only friends from Flora Friendtopia !! We've also been nurturing some blackberry bushes, cherry tomato babies, peppers of all sorts, calendula, lavender, and herbs like mint and lemon balm - all waiting to find new dirt to nestle into!! Janelle has been conducting rooting experiments with willow water ((time will tell)). Dont forget- just about ANYTHING can be used to germinate seedlings!! Food cans, egg shells/cartons, yogurt cups..the list goes on and on. Plastic salad containers (with lids) make great mini greenhouses. 

A new project Deli has been getting into has been homemade beeswax candles!  These begin as none other than the stinkiest of cat food tins!! Deli is the best at concocting essential oil blends and so far she has paired ylang ylang with lemon and cardamom with patchouli.  Quality ingredients is always one of the most important factors and therefore she uses only the 100% purest beeswax beads she can find. Each cat food tin is collaged with images from our all-time favorite magazine, National Geographic :)

One of our favorite things to make are accessories made from found objects and earth trinkets to adorn both girls and boys alike! earrings, tie tacks, and last but not least DREAMCATCHERS!! Angel has made great use of outdated bangles to create the dreamiest of dangles for the ultimate dreamer in your world ;))

A continuing endeavor of Janelle's is incorporating the endless abundance of plastic packaging into new useful objects.  With an affinity for folk crafts, she's learned to weave plastics into rugs and various basket forms. Although these are tedious, time consuming projects, its worth it. Each woven row of a basket becomes a reflection on our mission to do what we can to rethink our role as consumers and the materials produced in our throw-away culture. 

great start to the season by Janelle Costello

So far Earthwhile Collective has had a great start to the season! We've all been hard at work, crafting new creations from all our treasure hunts, making new friends with local artists and local businesses around Nashville like the folks from Hunt Supply and The Groove who were supportive enough to let us occupy their storefronts with the fruits of our labors. We have had the pleasure of joining forces with artists Christina Crawford and Meagen Crawford ((strangers made sisters thru collective magic)). More of their work can be seen at and

A new year brings new beginnings by Janelle Costello

earthwhile-:-collective is a group of treasure hunters: a biologist, craft artists, and a musician. we explore the land for inspiration and rummage to rescue things left behind. our products range from personal accessories to home accents and are pieced together from found objects, salvaged textiles, and materials that would otherwise be deemed garbage. as lifelong learners of the natural world and forgotten crafts, our fruits are constantly evolving.